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Full Stack Developer

Omaha, Nebraska
Full Stack Developer,
•             Enjoys working in a fast paced, collaborative environment
•             Values “team” and leverages the opinions and expertise of their teammates to deliver working, quality code
•             Knowledge of the cloud and deployment expectations and complexities.  Developers should be capable of deploying application ‘bits’ to AWS, Azure or other similar cloud environment.
•             Experience with OpenShift/Cloud Foundry as a developer
•             Exposure to containerization, the Docker project, Kubernetes, and OpenShift
•             DevOps promotes the collapse of different functions into one; QA, IT, Dev etc.  As a result, each developer will have a working knowledge of Ruby, Linux OS commands and be equally comfortable at the command line as they are in the IDE.
•             Good foundational knowledge in a language such as Java will translate to Go when the syntax of the language is understood
•             Core Java, Spring Boot, Webservices, REST, Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS
Preferred Qualifications:
•             Pair programming, Spring Cloud
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